Without trust, nothing else matters.

Trust Signals delivers the latest news, analysis and advice on brand trust—how to get it and how to keep it. Find information on trust signals, trustmarks, trust logos, trust quotes, trust killers and more. This online magazine culminates in the new book Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World, soon to be found in a bookstore near you.

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The Influence Continuum: Who We Trust in a Post-Truth World

By now you may have heard the term "post-truth." According to Oxford Dictionaries, it means "circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief." 

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English May Be the Language of Business, But the Language of Trust Is Your Customer's Mother Tongue

We often discuss on the Trust Signals blog the importance of speaking your audience's language to establishing trust. That means understanding how your customers talk, what they care about, and what makes them feel at home on your website.

One of the first steps you can take to building trust...

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Website Visitors Trust Confident Content. Can They Trust Yours?

You can feel it. You're working busily on copy for your company's website. You know how important it is—it's the first impression you leave about your brand online.

But for some reason, it’s going in the wrong direction. It’s getting wordy. You’re rambling. It feels unfocused and bloated. You...

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The Fall of Stan Richards and the Rise of a New Era of Reputation Management

Note: first of two parts

Headquartered in Dallas, The Richards Group has long been one of the most successful advertising agencies in the United States. Founded in 1976 by Stan Richards, the firm is known for its Chick-fil-A “Eat Mor Chikin” and Motel 6 “We’ll Leave the Light On for You”...

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How to Build Customer Trust Using Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the most used types of marketing videos out there. They’re concise, straightforward, and engaging—making them a good way for marketers to appeal to today's busy, impatient consumers. They're also a powerful tool for generating audience trust, which can lead to an ...

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Why Authenticity Is the Path to Digital Trust

In the physical world, we have an innate sense when someone is lying. Parents know this all too well. We don’t need proof Junior is fibbing; we know he’s skipped school well before the headmaster calls.

In fact, non-verbal conversation starts well before words escape our mouths. Spies,...

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8 Factors That Make or Break Brand Trust—and the Trust Signals Behind Them

Everybody's talking about brand trust these days, and for good reason. Buyer research shows that increasingly brand trust is the No. 1 factor that consumers cite in choosing the products they purchase and the companies they work with—and that this is particularly true for buyers 40 and younger....

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Trust Logos: 8 Third-Party Logos to Convince Website Visitors You're Legit

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We write about many kinds of website trust signals on this site, and some of the most important are logos from third-party organizations that serve to endorse or validate your brand. These can include the logos of your top customers, partner logos, ...

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Trust Quotes: 55 Quotes About Trust in Business

Can I trust this person?

How often have you had this thought in business or your personal life? Even if we don't say it out loud or consciously think about it, all of us are evaluating the people we meet, the things they say, and the actions they take to determine whether we believe them or not.

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Trust Killers: 10 Ways You're Scaring People Away from Your Website

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In a perfect world, every online interaction and transaction would be problem-free. Every person and company would deliver on their promises, and there would be no such thing as defective products, fraud, or terrible service.

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