Without trust, nothing else matters.

Trust Signals delivers the latest news, analysis and advice on brand trust—how to get it and how to keep it. This online magazine culminates in the new book Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World, soon to be found in a bookstore near you.

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The Importance of Trust in B2B Lead Generation Strategies—and 10 Ways to Build It

B2B lead generation strategies differ in the details but have the same goal: to persuade target prospects to make a sales inquiry by phone or online form submission. To build a pipeline of qualified leads, a marketing campaign must connect with target prospects, get their attention, build...

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What Is a Trust Deficit—and Do We Really Have One?

Ulysses S. Grant was a great man—the leader of the Union Army and the 18th president of the United States. But by the end of his life, he was penniless and depressed.

Grant had been swindled by a dishonest business partner, forcing him to sell his home and even his personal souvenirs from the...

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Guest Posting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing Guest Blogging Right

Guest posting has been around as long as blogs have existed.

This far down the road, there's a fair amount of debate regarding the value of guest posting. Some people feel like it's not worth the time they invest.

They don't know what they're missing.

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Will the AP Stylebook Be the Next Casualty of the Trust Multiverse?

Mistress has been canceled, go figure! Who would’ve thought that mistresses would be canceled?"

So exclaimed outraged Fox News contributor Joe Concha in reaction to the Associated Press's guidance to journalists to no longer use the term "mistress" to describe a woman in a relationship with a...

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Trust Seals: From Medieval Kings to Ecommerce Conversions

Signed, sealed and delivered. 

Seal of approval. 

Sealed their fate. 

Seal the deal. 

Sealed with a kiss. 

My lips are sealed. 

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The Long Tail of Spoken Truths

The term “speak your truth” may not be an Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year like “post-truth,” but it has gained similar popularity in recent years.

Particularly for those who believe their voices haven’t always been heard in our society, it’s powerful phrasing. Unlike simply sharing your...

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How to Build Brand Trust? These 16 Companies Put 'Trust' in Their Brands

Every business wants to be trusted—but some are better at gaining trust than others.

It helps, of course, to be an established brand with a long history, such as Microsoft or Pepsi. But what if you're a newer company competing against bigger players, or are working to build your reputation in a...

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Trustpilot Reviews Reveal Crowdfire's Reputation Management Misfire

The onslaught began a couple of months ago.

An email, then a form fill on my agency's website, then another email, then another form fill. Followed by reports from virtually everyone on my 30-person team that they were being bombarded daily by emails from individuals purporting to work for...

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The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Trustmarks

Trustmarks, or trust badges, are an excellent way to establish trust with Shopify store visitors before they ever make a purchase. When shopping online, people want to have confidence in the merchant they’re buying from, and putting trust badges on your website helps achieve that.

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TrustedSite Replaces McAfee SECURE Seal on Shopping Sites

The McAfee SECURE seal is no more.

Long one of the most ubiquitous trust badges on e-commerce sites, the McAfee seal has been replaced by the TrustedSite seal as of July 1. TrustedSite automatically transitioned the hosted trustmark across McAfee SECURE's thousands of customers.


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