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How to Build Brand Trust? These Companies Put 'Trust' in Their Brands

Every business wants to be trusted—but some are better at gaining trust than others.

It helps, of course, to be an established brand with a long history, such as Microsoft or Pepsi. But what if you're a newer company competing against bigger players, or are working to build your reputation in a...

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Trustpilot Reviews Reveal Crowdfire's Reputation Management Misfire

The onslaught began a couple of months ago.

An email, then a form fill on my agency's website, then another email, then another form fill. Followed by reports from virtually everyone on my 30-person team that they were being bombarded daily by emails from individuals purporting to work for...

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The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Trustmarks

Trustmarks, or trust badges, are an excellent way to establish trust with Shopify store visitors before they ever make a purchase. When shopping online, people want to have confidence in the merchant they’re buying from, and putting trust badges on your website helps achieve that.

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TrustedSite Replaces McAfee SECURE Seal on Shopping Sites

The McAfee SECURE seal is no more.

Long one of the most ubiquitous trust badges on e-commerce sites, the McAfee seal has been replaced by the TrustedSite seal as of July 1. TrustedSite automatically transitioned the hosted trustmark across McAfee SECURE's thousands of customers.


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Is Brand Trust Replacing Trust in Government, Media and Religion? Kearney Study Says Yes

Who do you trust more: the government or a large corporation? If you’re anything like the average American, the answer is probably the latter.

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TrustArc: Privacy Must Come First for Enterprises Seeking Brand Trust

A recent survey of global enterprises by TrustArc, the privacy compliance technology company best known for the venerable TRUSTe seal, highlights the intrinsic link between protecting people's privacy and earning their trust. Simply put, without the former, the latter can't exist.

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Is Brand Trust Up or Down? Edelman and Havas Offer Differing Narratives

2021 research on the topic of brand trust, like seemingly everything else these days, is polarizing. 

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Edelman Trust Institute Will Focus on Building Much-Needed Public Trust

Global communications firm Edelman, widely known for its annual Edelman Trust Barometer report, has announced the launch of the Edelman Trust Institute. The new organization will focus on studying and cultivating trust in business, government, and media.

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Only One of Big Tech's Big Five Comes Out Unscathed in RepTrak's 2021 Global Reputation Rankings

We've previously written about the trust crisis in Big Tech, and with all the talk in Washington, D.C., about taming the tech giants, it should come as no surprise that tech has suffered a reputation hit globally. Nevertheless, it is still striking to see just how severe a hit U.S. tech...

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Influencer Partnerships That Do (or Don’t) Strengthen Brand Trust

The late author Zig Ziglar once said, “If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

Building brand trust with your target audience is as critical now as ever before, but it can prove challenging — whether you’re operating in the e-commerce...

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