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True-Blue Trust: Why the Colors Your Brand Uses Matter

Have you ever noticed how many brands use the color blue in their logos and on their websites?

The reason is simple: they want you to trust them.

Blue is the single most frequently used color in corporate logos. It's especially common in brands where trust is paramount, such as financial services,...

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The Enduring Appeal of Testimonials: How to Use Them to Grow Your Brand

Testimonials are appeals from third parties designed to build trust in your brand. The term "testimonial" was popularized in advertising in the United States in the 19th century -- but the concept has been around much longer, and has only become more important to marketers over time. Today,...

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Your Guide to the Better Business Bureau Seal and Its Benefits

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been a symbol of trust since the days of teletypes and horses and buggies. In 1912, the organization emerged to help businesses respond to a crisis in public trust, when exaggerated advertising claims were the subject of high-profile lawsuits by the U.S....

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After Price, Trust Is the Biggest Factor in Purchase Decisions

In a new survey of more than 20,000 consumers by the global PR firm Edelman, trust emerged as the second most important factor in purchase decisions, surpassed only by price.

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Making Sense of Facebook Recommendations: How They Work and Why They Matter

Google, Yelp and Facebook form a triumvirate of influence when it comes to online reviews, particularly for local businesses. Think of them as the Big Three.

Google, as we know, includes companies' star ratings in millions of branded searches and map listings every day. Yelp, the pioneer of local...

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Making Modular Content Your Building Blocks for Brand Trust

As the digital world continues to expand, content creators search for methods that allow them to efficiently engage with their audiences. Modular content emerges as a practical solution that not only streamlines the content creation process but can also foster customer and audience trust.

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Are You Updating Your Website's Content Frequently Enough?

Say a potential lead has a question about a service your company offers. Like most of us, they start with a quick Google search. Your website name doesn’t pop up immediately in the results (bummer), but this person is persistent in their pursuit of answers. After scrolling for a bit, they find your...

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Without Professional Web Design, Your Customers Will Consider You an Amateur

In most cases, your company's introduction to buyers today is not a visit to your office or a hearty handshake. It's your website.

Unfortunately, many companies that provide superior products and customer service don't put their best foot forward online. These businesses don't realize that...

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Does Registering Your Domain for the Full 10 Years Make Google Trust You More?

Just as with domain age, there is controversy among SEO experts as to whether Google rewards domains whose registrations have been prepaid for longer periods of time. While many brands simply renew their domain registrations annually, other brands pay upfront to register theirs for multiple years...

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How Industry Association Logos Build Credibility with Website Visitors

You’ve heard the expression that no one was ever fired for going with IBM. That company is one of many 800-pound gorillas whose brands, longevity and reputations precede them. These factors alone make selecting one of IBM’s products or services a safer bet — even if a smaller company’s technology...

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