Trust Signals is a new project from Scott Baradell, CEO of the unified PR and marketing agency Idea Grove, one of the top 25 technology PR firms in the United States.

For more than 15 years, Scott has been a thought leader on the future of public relations. He created one of the original PR blogs, Media Orchard, which at one time had a larger audience than PRWeek. His focus in recent years has been on growing his agency by helping his technology clients grow.

In 2020, Scott began writing Trust Signals: The New PR,  outlining a new framework for the practice of public relations, to be published by LionCrest in 2021. Put simply, "trust signals" are evidence points, from media coverage and online reviews to website "trust badges," that make people believe in your brand. This site shares a new framework for PR centered on building and promoting trust. 

Scott has an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) from the PRSA and speaks on PR and marketing topics at industry events nationwide.

The Latest on Trust

My Personal Journey to Trust, Part 1

(This website is about trust, so I thought it might be of value to share some of my own experiences with trust and how they've defined and changed me over time. This is part one; I'm not sure how many other parts there might be, but I'll publish them eventually.)

When people say we live in an...

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Why Does Consider "Honesty" an Antonym of "Strategy"? It Has to Do with Trust -- and Trump

Sometimes you stumble upon something by accident and realize it's pretty profound.

Thank you for that, Google Machine.

Today, I was searching on for synonyms of "strategy." I was stunned by the words the site listed as its antonyms: "honesty" and "openness."

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10 Greatest Countries in the History of the World: 2020 Reboot

Late one night in 2006, I was procrastinating in my home office when I should have been writing a business-to-business technology white paper for one of Idea Grove's public relations clients. I had just read something in the news that was highly critical of Italy's political situation at that...

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