Without trust, nothing else matters.

Scott Baradell's Trust Signals® framework represents a whole new way to identify PR and marketing strategies, prioritize them based on expected return, and craft a unified plan to build trust among your buyers and other audiences. Ask Scott to consult with your C-suite, brainstorm with your marketing or communications team, speak at your event—and help you build, grow and protect your brand.  

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Chapter 4: Trust Seals—From Medieval Kings to Ecommerce

Signed, sealed, and delivered. Seal of approval.

Sealed their fate.

Seal the deal.

Sealed with a kiss.

My lips are sealed.

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Benefit of the Doubt: Meaning, Origin, Importance & Examples

You may have heard the term “benefit of the doubt” before, but do you know what it means? The phrase is often used in legal proceedings or in discussions about right and wrong. But where did it come from, and why is it so important?

 In this article, we’ll explore the definition and history of the...

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Chapter 3: The Eternal Power of Trust Signals

(Following is Chapter 3 of  Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World.)

Since the construction of the Pharos of Alexandria, a three- hundred-foot lighthouse on the Egyptian Nile recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, lighthouses have stood for safe harbor.

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Chapter 2: Living—and Branding—in a Post-Truth World

(Following is Chapter 2 of  Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World.)

In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries named “post-truth” its Word of the Year. A Google search for the term today yields more than 2.5 million results.

The word was coined by writer Steve Tesich after the US government...

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Chapter 1: The Breakfast Meeting

(Following is Chapter 1 of  Trust Signals: Brand Building in Post-Truth World.)

I hadn’t heard from my friend David in years. But when my former colleague reached out over LinkedIn to ask for a breakfast meeting at a nearby diner, I accepted the invitation right away.

I liked David and enjoyed...

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Introduction: The Dirty Little Secret About PR

(Following is the first of 18 excerpts we are republishing from Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World over the next several months. The excerpts begin today with the book's introduction, followed by each of the book's chapters in order. Enjoy!)


As a longtime PR guy, I’d like to...

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Trust Signals Research: What Makes Consumers Give Brands the Benefit of the Doubt?

We all make mistakes, and brands do too. From forgetting a friend’s birthday or saying a questionable joke, to messing up an order or posting a tweet that puts the PR team’s jobs at risk: mistakes are bound to happen.

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Most Businesses Think They Are More Trusted Than They Are, Study Shows

A recently released survey from PwC shows that most businesses think they are more trusted by consumers and employees than they actually are.

This is a dangerous trust disconnect, and businesses need to be aware of the impact it can have on their bottom line.

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How to Turn Your Loyal Customers Into Brand Advocates

It is often argued that customers are the most important part of any business. Whether you manage call centers for small businesses or run an e-commerce store, customers are at the heart of it. Put simply, they buy your goods and services, providing income. Without them, there is no business. 

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Brand Admiration: The 3 Es That Motivate a Brand's Biggest Fans

It may seem crazy.

Every September, crowds of people line up in front of Apple Stores with their tents and sleeping bags to get their hands on the new iPhone. It doesn’t matter that they already have the latest iPhone or that the newer one is practically the same as the old one—plus a few features...

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