Writers for Trust Signals

Trust Signals publishes news, analysis and advice from an experienced group of marketing writers and journalists.

Scott Baradell

Scott is editor of Trust Signals and CEO of Idea Grove, a unified PR and marketing agency based in Dallas. He is also an award-winning journalist.

Namo Abdulla

Namo Abdulla is an experienced journalist who currently serves as a reporter for Voice of America. He is based in Washington, D.C.

Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott is a copywriter at Soundstripe, which provides filmmakers, creators, and advertisers with royalty-free music for video.

Tobi Laukaitis

Tobi Laukaitis is a writer for Trust Signals. She has worked as a journalist for the Lynchburg (Va.) News & Advance and other publications.

Sarah Bromley

Sarah Bromley is a writer for Trust Signals. Based in the U.K., she has works as a freelance writer and content marketer.

Vicky Sidler

Vicky Sidler is an experienced journalist and marketer based in South Africa. She has served as a staff writer for MyBroadband among other outlets.

Stephen Altrogge

Stephen Altrogge is a writer for Trust Signals and digital marketer. He is a freelance writer for marketing firms around the world.

Lipsa Das

Lipsa Das is content strategist and writer for Trust Signals. She writes on digital marketing and technology topics. 

Drew Gula

Drew Gula is a writer at Soundstripe, a music and stock video licensing company that provides resources to help businesses make better marketing content.

Alysse Phipps

Alysse Phipps is a copywriter for TrustedSite. She works to communicate the importance of building trust on eCommerce websites.

Alan Berrey

Alan Berrey is an experienced entrepreneur, leader, and author, and is the founder of Expert Dig, Inc., a research and training venture committed to the advancement of corporate experts.

Brad Shorr

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a Chicago-based Internet marketing company that specializes in SEO. With decades of marketing, sales and management experience, Shorr has written for leading online publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur, and for the American Marketing Association.

Shawn Paul Wood

Shawn Paul Wood is an award-winning digital content strategist and freelance blogger. He has contributed to Adweek and other publications. He is the founder of Woodworks Communications, based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Shayla Price

Shayla Price is an accomplished B2B tech writer and marketing nerd who enjoys trying the latest software tools. She has written for Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Shopify and others. She’s a critical thinker fascinated with consumer behavior. She is also the creator of PrimoStats.

Tom Stanfill

Tom Stanfill is CEO of the global sales training company ASLAN and author of the new book unReceptive.

David Lukić

David Lukić is an information privacy, security, and compliance consultant at IDStrong. The passion to make cybersecurity accessible and interesting has led David to share all the knowledge he has.

Krystal Nguyen

Krystal Nguyen is vice president, people and customer success at Broadly. She leads a world-class support and success team supporting small and local businesses throughout the United States.

Patrick Smith

With ideas for leading brands, Patrick solves real-world business problems for enterprise organizations, startups, and everything in between. Prior to C2 Creative, Patrick developed marketing campaigns at several leading advertising agencies and hybrid digital organizations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Illinois State University.

Mandi Sadler

Mandi Sadler brings a passion for high-quality content to the TrustRadius SEO team. As a PR + SEO Specialist, she leads the production of authoritative and engaging content to share with the world.

Emmanuel Probst

Emmanuel Probst is global lead, brand thought-leadership at Ipsos and an adjunct at UCLA, where he teaches consumer market research. He writes about consumer psychology for numerous publications. Emmanuel holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Hull, United Kingdom and a doctorate in consumer psychology from the University of Nottingham Trent, United Kingdom.

Matt Casadona

Matt Casadona is lead digital PR strategist at Inseev Interactive. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys San Diego life, traveling, and music.