Without trust, nothing else matters.

Trust Signals® delivers the latest news, analysis and advice on brand trust—how to get it and how to keep it. Find information on trust signals, trustmarks, trust logos, trust quotes, trust killers and more. This online magazine culminates in the new book Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World, soon to be found in a bookstore near you.

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Trust Signals Research: What Makes Consumers Give Brands the Benefit of the Doubt?

We all make mistakes, and brands do too. From forgetting a friend’s birthday or saying a questionable joke, to messing up an order or posting a tweet that puts the PR team’s jobs at risk: mistakes are bound to happen.

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Most Businesses Think They Are More Trusted Than They Are, Study Shows

A recently released survey from PwC shows that most businesses think they are more trusted by consumers and employees than they actually are.

This is a dangerous trust disconnect, and businesses need to be aware of the impact it can have on their bottom line.

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How to Turn Your Loyal Customers Into Brand Advocates

It is often argued that customers are the most important part of any business. Whether you manage call centers for small businesses or run an e-commerce store, customers are at the heart of it. Put simply, they buy your goods and services, providing income. Without them, there is no business. 

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Brand Admiration: The 3 Es That Motivate a Brand's Biggest Fans

It may seem crazy.

Every September, crowds of people line up in front of Apple Stores with their tents and sleeping bags to get their hands on the new iPhone. It doesn’t matter that they already have the latest iPhone or that the newer one is practically the same as the old one—plus a few features...

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Why B2C Companies Need Thought Leadership, Too

While thought leadership is often associated with B2B companies, it can be just as important for B2C brands. 

Thought leadership is an invaluable method to build brand trust. It's a way of showing potential customers that you're an expert in your industry and that you can add value to them.

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19 Top Thought Leaders on the Topic of Trust

As trust in institutions like government, the media and even NGOs continues to plummet, commentators have fretted about the trust deficit in American society and how to overcome it.

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Build Trust with Ethical, White-Hat SEO: Your Guide to Getting Started

My wife and I have been catching up with the show Billions lately.

We noticed a pattern. The characters all do horrible things to get their way in the worlds of politics and high finance. Once they achieve their goals, they sometimes feel bad about how they got there—briefly. Then, they...

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Brand Awareness vs. Brand Trust: What’s the Difference?

When you think about marketing, is brand awareness the first thing that springs to mind? It makes sense that it would - after all, if people haven’t heard of you then you can’t expect them to buy anything from you.

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Trustpilot: A Complete Guide to One of the World’s Top Review Sites

If you’re in business, you know the importance of online reviews. They can make or break your company - and that’s where Trustpilot comes in. This complete guide will tell you everything you need to know about one of the world’s top review sites.

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The B2B Thought Leader’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn (2022 Version)

Are you a thought leader? Or do you want to be one? If so, then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you. LinkedIn is full of professionals from all different industries, and many of them are looking for new insights and perspectives on the latest trends.

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