Free Download: 72 Trust Badges to Increase E-Commerce Conversions

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Scott Baradell
Published: May 2, 2021
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2021

"Trust badges" are symbols or seals added to your website to visually communicate to visitors that you can be trusted. Trust badges emerged in the early days of Internet commerce, and are still largely associated with companies that sell products to consumers online. 

free trust badgesSome trust badges, like those of the Better Business Bureau, TRUSTe, TrustedSite and others, require fees or memberships. Others, like badges highlighting money-back guarantees, free shipping or secure payments, are ones you can create yourself.

For e-commerce stores, the design team at my agency, Idea Grove, has created a FREE download: a ZIP file with six types of trust badges in three designs and four color variations—a total of 72 badges!

The six badge types include:

  • "Free Shipping" badges
  • "Free Returns" badges
  • "Satisfaction Guarantee" badges
  • "100% Premium Quality"  badges
  • "Secure Checkout" badges
  • "Money Back Guarantee" badges

Adding these badges to your online store's website can significantly increase sales by reducing your customer’s perceived risk. Be sure to display these badges prominently on your site, such as near your checkout button.


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