Are You Updating Your Website's Content Frequently Enough?

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Scott Baradell
Published: Sep 8, 2023
Last Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Say a potential lead has a question about a service your company offers. Like most of us, they start with a quick Google search. Your website name doesn’t pop up immediately in the results (bummer), but this person is persistent in their pursuit of answers. After scrolling for a bit, they find your website and are ecstatic because it sounds like exactly what they’re looking for. As soon as they open your site, however, the excitement diminishes and they stare dejectedly at their computer screen before returning to Google search. 

So, what went wrong? And, why did it take so long to find your webpage? It’s highly likely the culprit is simply outdated content. If the most recent information on your site is from last year,  your visitor immediately begins to question your company’s relevance. 

Keeping your website content frequently updated is an easy way to capture visitors’ attention as soon as they arrive. But that isn’t the only benefit of updating your site. Keeping your content fresh helps foster trust in your brand. The time and effort you invest in your own site’s content is a quick way for potential customers to judge how you will treat their business. 

Fresh Content → SEO Optimization

The first and most obvious reason for keeping your website updated is because it optimizes your SEO credibility and Google search rankings. Google prioritizes new content and more frequently updated sites over those that are outdated. According to a study from HubSpot, simply updating and republishing old blog posts with new content can increase organic traffic by as much as 106 percent.

New content also provides opportunities to rank for specific keywords, thereby not only attracting visitors, but the right visitors. When potential leads can quickly discover your website and find valuable content therein, you send a signal that they can trust you to respect their time by making the information they were after quick and easy to find. As a result, those visitors are much more likely to continue their journey down the sales funnel

SEO Optimization → More Site Traffic

The more people you have funneled to your site, the more leads your company is likely to have. This study found that higher site traffic contributes to higher search rankings. As more people find your webpage and benefit from your content, they will soon feel they can rely on you for relevant information and keep coming back for more.

More Site Traffic → Perceived Reliability

That boost in site traffic and reputational growth is called domain authority, which references how much authority your site has on a particular subject and can predict your search rankings. The higher your domain authority, the more likely Google is to rank you, and the implicit trust in your site increases.

Updating your website content is vital to increasing visibility and rankings. The more visible and reliable your company is perceived to be, the more your audience will trust your company. Keeping your content updated is the best way to show that your company is aware of the latest trends, information and technology out there, which fosters overall trust and confidence in your brand from the moment visitors click on your web page. 

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