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Trust in Lead Generation and Sales

Image of Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith

Why Brand Marketing, Not Promotions or Discounts, Is the Surest Route to Trust—and Sales

The world is at consumers’ fingertips. They can get just about anything delivered fast and free with just a few clicks, so standing out among the...

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Image of Tom Stanfill
Tom Stanfill

How Trust Transforms Sales Negotiations from Win-Lose to Win-Win

Note: In this excerpt from his book unReceptive, Tom Stanfill, CEO and founder of ASLAN Training & Development, describes how establishing trust can...

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Image of Alan Berrey
Alan Berrey

The Value of SMEs: How Subject-Matter Experts Build Trust with Buyers

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Image of Shawn Paul Wood
Shawn Paul Wood

From LQLs to SQLs: Why Lead Generation Without Brand Trust is a Poor Investment

Whenever we are faced with difficulties in attracting high-quality leads,  our first instinct is to assume something is wrong with our lead...

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Image of Brad Shorr
Brad Shorr

The Importance of Trust in B2B Lead Generation Strategies—and 10 Ways to Build It

B2B lead generation strategies differ in the details but have the same goal: to persuade target prospects to make a sales inquiry by phone or online...

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Image of Scott Baradell
Scott Baradell

Sales During the COVID-19 Era Is About Comfort, Familiarity and Trust

During times of stress and uncertainty, what do you like to do most?

If you're like most people, you seek comfort in the familiar. Watching your...

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Image of Scott Baradell
Scott Baradell

After Price, Trust Is the Biggest Factor in Purchase Decisions

In a new survey of more than 20,000 consumers by the global PR firm Edelman, trust emerged as the second most important factor in purchase decisions,...

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