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Published: Jul 1, 2020

One of the most trusted forms of third-party validation is customer reviews of your business. 

But customer endorsements come in various flavors, including:

- a case study on your website;

- a testimonial quote on your website;

- a customer press release; or

- an online review on a third-party site, such as Google, Yelp or G2.

Which of these types of validation do you suspect is most trusted? The data shows that it's customer reviews on websites other than your own.

That's right. If your customer publishes a five-star review on, say, Capterra, it will be more trusted than if you publish the exact same content, from the exact same customer, as a testimonial on your website.

So what's the best way to make sure your website visitors see your positive reviews, while retaining the trust signal provided by a third-party review site?

One option is to use the tool Repuso, which monitors all your social media channels for reviews by your customers, collects them and then notifies you when a new review is received. You pick the reviews you want to showcase and then Repuso displays them on your site in either a floating widget or inline on your homepage or other key pages of your website.

Repuso monitors more than 20 sites, including TrustPilot, Healthgrades, Tripadvisor, Capterra, GetApp and more.

Repuso review sites

The service starts for a little as $6 per month so it's worth considering to see if it increases your website's engagement and conversions. Good luck!

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