Trustworthy Content Starts With Original Sources

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Shayla Price
Published: Oct 14, 2021
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Note: Shayla Price is an accomplished marketing writer and founder of PrimoStats. When I discovered she had created a solution to our shared challenge of misleading blog timestamps and outdated marketing stats online, I asked her to write about it for Trust Signals.

Building trust is important when crafting high-quality content. You need a way to support your claims and gain the confidence of your audience. 

Statistics are an effective way to build trust. But for content marketers in the digital marketing space, you can waste a lot of time trying to find a credible stat.

Your research usually starts with a roundup post of stats that leads you to another page with a broken link. Or that 2021 stat ends up being an outdated stat from 2017. 

In a perfect world, you could quickly find a stat that would add credibility to your content. At PrimoStats, we’re on a journey to create that solution.

The Problem With Finding Credible Statistics

Right now, the Internet is full of untrustworthy statistics. You can easily get lost in a rabbit hole hunting down an original source. 

You’ve probably used Google to help with the process—scrolling down a bunch of pages. But does that method really work? Or even make the process easier?

You spend countless hours searching for a stat that will fit your specific narrative. You’re either hitting a dead-end of outdated sources or may be filling out multiple lead generation forms to just get one stat for your blog post.


There’s no reward for wasting time doing research. Honestly, your editor just wants the work completed by the deadline. 

The problem isn’t you. It’s the way we all search for stats online. And now, a better way exists that can help you work efficiently.

Introducing a New Way to Find Statistics

Say goodbye to endless Google searches. PrimoStats is a searchable database of curated marketing statistics. With PrimoStats, there’s no more grabbing outdated stats from roundup posts or filling your inbox with unwanted reports.

PrimoStats allows you to search and filter stats by topic, source, and publication year. You can now add credibility to your content in less time. That way, you can get back to what you do best—writing.

PrimoStats helps content marketers get quick access to stats from reputable sources, like Owl Labs, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. The data is handpicked from reports and cover a wide range of topics, including social media, advertising, workplace culture and ecommerce statistics

Each stat references the publication title, publication year, and source link. Paid members also can favorite their stats to view later and request new topics.

How Stats Support Your Day-to-Day Work

Statistics get a bad reputation for being boring. And most of the time, marketers use them as a nice-to-have item in their work. 

However, stats are more than pieces of data. They are opportunities to get the attention of your customers and team members. Check out these three different use case examples below.

  1. Convince customers to purchase your products. The customer experience is vital to the growth of your business. You can nurture the customer relationship by adding stats to your blog posts, bylined articles, landing pages, and email campaigns. Provide your customers with credible sources to support your use cases. You’ll boost consumer trust—leading to more product sales.
  2. Persuade leadership to adopt a new strategy. PrimoStats makes it easier to get stats from industry benchmark reports. Use stats to support your claims in presentations to senior management. You can gain insights to respond to competitors in your market. Or suggest new marketing strategies to leadership.
  3. Empower managers to improve team dynamics. Team members are valuable assets in your company. Communicate the importance of workplace culture by including stats in your internal documentation to team managers. Reinforce the need for more team-building activities, or advocate to create more employee resource groups.

You shouldn’t have to waste time to add credibility to your content. Whether you are creating organic or sponsored content, our searchable database of curated marketing stats helps you find the stats you need faster.

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